Sgt. Frank Ranzie will receive more than $90,000 in back pay A Boynton Beach police officer fired last year for downloading porn on his city computer will collect more than $90,000 in back pay after an arbitrator ruled he be reinstated and allowed to retire.

Court finds emailing pornography using work account shouldn't end in dismissal.

75 percent of major ISPs failed to get even 10 percent of new users to opt for the porn filters

When the police clamp down on female sex workers, the women may end up taking more risks — and making themselves more vulnerable to HIV.

HERNANDO — Coming soon to a kitchen counter near you — a sack full of fresh, homegrown vegetables.

Across the world, in high- and low-income countries, women, men, and transgender people who sell sex are subjected to repressive and discriminatory law, policy, and practice, which in turn fuel human rights violations against them, including violence and discrimination. All of these factors are preventing sex workers from accessing the services which they need in order to effectively prevent and …

A Bellevue doctor bringing in big money as an anesthesiologist is now suspected of working with his girlfriend to pimp women smuggled into the United States by sex traffickers.

Damion St Patrick Baston lured beautiful women into his sex trafficking empire from the Gold Coast, telling girls they were better off being selling their bodies than giving sex 'away for free' to boyfriends. Photographs tendered (pictured) at his court trial and transcripts depict the pimp who called women'bitches' and hoes'.

Gay porn star Bruno Knight has been arrested for attempting to traffic samples of crystal meth from the US to the UK inside his body. Knight, whose real name is Philip Gizzie, had attempted to board a Virgin Atlantic flight at Los Angeles Airport in California when he was stopped and questioned by custom officers tipped off by the US Drug Enforcement Administration. Officers noticed something …

The vast majority of new broadband customers are declining to sign up to "child friendly" filters when prompted to do so by UK service providers.

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