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A new California law meant to combat revenge porn only applies to photos taken by the perpetrator. Reuters A new California law is meant to crack down on revenge porn, but not everyone thinks it has teeth.

Those who engage in "revenge porn" — humiliating ex-romantic partners online — now face jail time and fines under a law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Camera phones have made it dangerously easy to snap naughty photos. And as a result, so-called "revenge porn," in which jilted exes post embarrassing photos of their former flames online, has exploded, inflicting irreversible damage on thousands of victims across the country.

California has enacted a so-called "revenge porn" law that punishes jilted lovers and ex-spouses who post compromising pictures of their former partners online.

By Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – California Governor Jerry Brown signed a first-of-its-kind state law outlawing what has become known as revenge porn, the distribution of private, explicit photos or video of other people on the Internet to humiliate them. The measure, which passed both houses of the Democratic-led state legislature almost unanimously last month, makes it a misdemeanor to …

Revenge porn was apparently a big enough problem in California to make a law. The state’s governor just signed a bill outlawing it, meaning possible jail time for spiteful exes who maliciously post naked and identifiable images of an ex online. Victims have described feeling powerless. (Via  CNN ,  KNTV ) VICTIM: “It's like you’re sitting at the bottom of a really long well and you’re screaming …

California Gov. Jerry Brown has just signed a new bill banning so-called “Revenge Porn,” a growing trend in which people post explicit photos of their ex-lovers on the Internet after a bitter breakup.

A bill banning "revenge porn" — nude or sexual photos, generally of former wives or girlfriends, posted online by an angry ex — has been signed into law by California's governor, but the chief advocate for the legislation says it doesn't go far enough to help victims.

Women are increasingly looking for opportunities to network with each other. But such activity could ultimately hamper women's professional advancement.

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