Daily Archives: October 15, 2013

A Rutland City Police officer faced criminal charges for watching porn on the job in 2010. But a recent internal investigation revealed that two other officers did, as well, including one who is still on the job.

Plaster handprints from kindergarten, handprint turkeys, handprints outside Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood — are all part of modern life, but ancient people also left their handprints on rocks and cave walls. Now, an anthropologist can determine the sex of some of the people who left their prints, and the majority of them were women.

Relying on late-night cable television to access porn is as foreign and archaic to millennials as listening to cassette tapes in a DeLorean. And with the latest death knell, it looks more and more likely that cable will not regain its reputation as a purveyor of porn.

The level of sexual abuse and violence carried out on children whose suffering is posted on the internet "seems to be getting worse", MPs hear.

Self-published rape and incest porn available through ebook retailers is fueling media outrage in the UK. As a result, some retailers have taken drastic action. But the retailers aren't the only ones to …

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Police rescue five women believed to be sex trafficking victims after raiding nine suspected brothels in Birmingham.

Five women believed to be sex-trafficking victims have been rescued by police during raids on nine suspected brothels in Birmingham.