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A retired Philly policeman avoided jail time in two cases involving children. Has his time finally come?

Credit: Weknowmemes Our drinking buddies (and procrastination-enablers) at Cracked just released their second book, "The De-Text Book," which busts myth after myth that you probably believe. And since porn teaches guys plenty of misconceptions about sex, here's an excerpt to keep you from mistaking fantasy for reality, unless your sex life is way crazier than […]

Where other Indian states cry for women representatives in assemblies and other elected bodies, Rajasthan has highest number of women legislators and sarpanchs (village heads), but the recent electoral list shows drastic decline of female voters in the desert state.

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Eye tracking technology has reconfirmed what women have known all along: that people look at their sexual body parts more and faces less when evaluating their appearance. A new study found that especially women with typical hour glass figures or larger breasts, narrower waists, and bigger hips frequently prompted such gazes.

Science has confirmed what women have known for years – men really do look at women's bodies more than their faces.

Whether struggling to undo bras or being unable to locate certain sweet spots, there are many secrets men still haven't uncovered when it comes to women and sex. But before you smile knowingly, roll your eyes and blame male inadequacy, it turns out we're not doing much to help. A survey comparing women's real sex lives to their sexual fantasies has revealed that not only are women reluctant to …