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A porn performer who tested positive for HIV in Los Angeles is asking for privacy as the industry tries to determine the scope of the problem.

Being an advertiser is hard. On one hand, sex sells (and sells and sells). On the other, women sometimes take offense at slick ads, and then won’t buy your product, or let their boyfriends buy it. And before you know it there’s a Twitter campaign against your company and … oh lord.

Washington, Dec 05 : For women, passing midlife can deal a blow to their sex drive, however two new studies have offered hope to women who want to get their sexual mojo back.

Latest US porn HIV case prompts renewed debate about condom use in adult films.

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Violence has long been a staple of US cable television shows, but most producers have been coy about sex — until recently, when an explosion of explicit content flooded the small screen. The titillatingly-titled "Masters of Sex" is the most obvious example, but while there are no recent studies most industry watchers say fornication has never been as widely on display on TV. Many modern shows …

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