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Two Uzbek women have been arrested here for allegedly running a flesh trade racket under the garb of operating a dance troupe and forcing two of their female relatives into prostitution, police said.

Two Thai women have been arrested for luring women into prostitution in South Korea and the United Kingdom.

Two Uzbeki women were arrested for running a sex racket in a posh area of Delhi and forcing two of their relatives into the trade, police said Friday.

An embattled Colville police officer accused of targeting women coming home from bars for sex while on duty wants the charges against him separated, arguing the alleged acts were not connected. But prosecutors say Rex Newport, 45, developed a pattern of using his badge to take advantage of victims who did not feel free to decline his advances. The state Attorney General’s Office, which is …

If the US's National Security Agency is to be believed, as early as 2008 a probe into the porn viewing habits of terrorists revealed that coded messages were being sent through porn videos.

While some may consider women “the fairer sex,” science says otherwise. Promote to Mobile 0 read more

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