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Tall, dark, and furry? Bigfoot is the hunk in this monster erotica book by Virginia Wade. (Credit: Amazon) It's easy to mock book titles like "Boffing Bigfoot," "Taken by the Tentacle Monsters," and "Sex With My Husband's Anatomically Correct Robot," but there's a growing market for erotic fiction by amateur writers that involves something a bit more unusual than an oversexed pirate or kilted …

A convicted sex offender has pleaded guilty to hundreds of charges in Cleveland, including the murders of two women more than 15 years ago.

A convicted sex offender pleaded guilty Monday to hundreds of charges, including the murders of two women more than 15 years ago.

CLEVELAND—A sex offender accused of killing two women more than 15 years ago and raping children pleaded guilty on Monday to hundreds of

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