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EL James's controversial erotic fiction trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey has entered the all-time  top-selling books list with a total worldwide sale of 100 million copies. The fastest selling book series in the history of publisher Random House, fifty Shades, often dubbed "mummy porn", sold 27 million copies in the UK and Commonwealth countries, over 45 million copies in the US. Apart from Fifty …

Congratulations to Verizon, Sony, Facebook, Google and Yahoo: Your products have been named as the ones most responsible for corroding young American minds. Faith-based anti-porn advocacy group Morality in Media on Thursday announced its titillatingly titled “Dirty Dozen List” that names and shames all of the worst “pornography facilitators” in the United States. The group gave Verizon the top …

"Lauren" hasn't kept her identity secret, and the dark world of college gossip forums is to blame.

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Sarah Jessica Parker has said Sex And The City's women were much more supportive of each other than the current crop of TV stars.

Revising a landmark apology for Japan's wartime system of sex slavery would not be in the country's interests, a former prime minister said Thursday after the government said it would re-examine the matter. Tomiichi Murayama said moves by Shinzo Abe's administration to reopen the issue of so-called "comfort women" would achieve nothing more than offending Koreans. "It is no mistake that the …

The trilogy of EL James's erotic romance novel, Fifty Shades Of Grey, has sold 100 million copies worldwide.

A porn-addicted family doctor who sexually assaulted patients and took intimate pictures at his GP practice has been struck off the medical register five months after being jailed.

It has been translated into 51 languages and now the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy has sold 100 million copies worldwide. The erotic fiction, written by British novelist EL James, has proved such a hit that a big screen adaptation is in the works which will be released on Valentine's Day 2015. As well as selling 27 million copies in the UK and Commonwealth counties, Arrow Books has also sold one …

The erotic series joins inspiration "Twilight," "Harry Potter" and a few others on the elite list of the best-selling series of all time. read more

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