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Adult performer Madison Young's memoir is a brave sexual bildungsroman — and a dishy account of the porn industry        

Dave Barry’s latest collection of humorous essays, “You Can Date Boys When You’re Forty,” released this week, takes its title from a line addressed to …

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Feminists in the UK have dropped the ball over extreme porn legislation, a London conference has heard, with activists urged to put David Cameron's much-maligned pornography filter “back on the table”. No More Page 3, UK Feminista and Lose the Lads Mags, as well as anti-sexualisation campaign Object were all represented at the ‘Stop Porn Culture’ conference, as well as a number of former sex …

Porn stars, prostitutes and strippers "do not need to be rescued" by anti-porn feminists. That was the rally cry at a London protest on Saturday, with a gathering of around 50 sex workers and industry figures calling for an end of the "demonisation" of pornographers. The 'Don't Censor Me' demonstration was called by the Sex and Censorship campaign, in response to the UK launch of 'Stop Porn …

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Molly Hackett, Jane Quinn and Kimberly Ritter are developing a website of hotel room photographs that can be accessed by police and the public hoping to track down both victims of sex trafficking — many as young as 13 — and their pimps. Read more

Melissa Esplin is one of hundreds – if not thousands – of victims of a new extortion scheme where 'revenge porn' websites take innocent, fully clothed photos of women and crop their heads onto another woman's naked body. They then post the photos on their websites with the woman's full name, city and other contact information.

A friend's story got me to wondering how prevalent porn-watching is with children today? I was a little stunned by what I found.

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