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The college freshman known as Belle Knox will not be returning to Duke University anytime soon, she says. Knox, who's been making the media rounds in New York this week, says students have threatened to kill her since she was outed on campus as a porn star. Sherri Shepherd told Knox she was "breaking her heart," but Whoopi Goldberg understood her motivations. 

When a topless photo of her daughter was uploaded to a notorious website, Dr. Charlotte Laws was thrust into the seedy world of "revenge porn."

Porn star offers Duke players prize

Duke University freshman Miriam Weeks, who performs in porn videos under the name Belle Knox, has decided to take time out from university after allegedly receiving death threats. American student Knox, 18, made headlines worldwide after she it came to light that she was making x-rated porn films as a way to raise money for tuition fees at the university in Durham, North Carolina. 

Belle Knox, the Duke University freshman paying for college by doing porn, has upped the ante this week with a new blog post on XOJane.com espousing rough sex, and a spin around a stripper pole at a New York City skin joint.

SAN ANTONIO — A porn star from San Antonio accused of stabbing a 60-year-old millionaire to death will have to wait to face trial in southern Florida, where his case had been set to start this week. The exotic dancer and adult film star once known as “Champ” is now set to face trial on June 16 in connection with the 2010 slaying of Samuel Del Brocco, who owned a marketing agency in Alexandria …

Many men who are convicted of child abuse in the UK go through the Sex Offender Treatment Programme. Although the number of women who commit sex crimes against children are statistically rare, a small percentage of still exist. This week Loren Morris, a 21-year-old from Lyde, Herefordshire, was convicted of having sexual intercourse over 50 times with a schoolboy aged eight. Despite cases such …

London, March 19 (IANS) At a time when 'Selfie' has become a new buzzword on various social media platforms, a surprising number of men and women are increasingly posting 'sex selfies' while engaging in the real act. 'Sex selfies' – filming or photographing yourself having sex – are now a widespread practice with Britain leading the chart, said a survey done by AshleyMadison.com, the world's …

The porn actor and leading escort Duncan Black reveals that for $400 an hour, you get not only his hot body and lovely smile, but a “social service” too.

The modeling photos, taken shortly before she began her porn career, clearly show ugly cutting marks on the porn star’s thighs.

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