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Approximately five minutes of the hotly anticipated erotic film was shown at CinemaCon

Celebrity agent Max Clifford had a string of affairs and went to steamy parties but never forced women or girls into sex, a jury has heard.

A group of women in Ukraine are wielding power by hitting war-mongering men where it hurts – with a sex strike. Men from Russia could soon be cursing president Vladimir Putin after females in Ukraine hit back against his annexing of Crimea by unveiling the slogan: "don't give it to a Russian". Supporters of the ban can even buy merchandise emblazoned calling on women to adopt this ancient …

Women model the "Don't give it to a Russian" t-shirts on the group's Facebook page.

Political and economic sanctions may not have dissuaded Russia from annexing Crimea, but a group of Ukrainian women have called for a different kind of embargo: no sex for Russian men. The campaign was launched on Facebook after Russia officially added the Black Sea peninsula to its map, brushing off international fury and fanning fears of further intervention in Russian-speaking parts of the …

Veronica Linares March 26 (UPI) — The first promotional trailer for the blockbuster adaptation of author E.L. James' erotic novel "Fifty Shades of Grey" was unveiled Tuesday.

A German porn star has been thrown out of a far-right German political party after having sex with a black man in her latest movie. Kitty Blair, whose real name is Ina Groll, was known as the face of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NDP). Founded in 1964, the NDP, is regarded in Germany as the most significant neo-Nazi party to emerge since 1945.

With the White House, European Union and NATO failing to stop the annexation of Crimea, Ukrainian campaigners are now trying a different approach to ending Moscow's aggression – urging women to abstain from sex with Russian men.        

Women model the "Don't give it to a Russian" t-shirts on the group's Facebook page.

Liz Hurley, Melanie Sykes and Heidi Klum are all Sindies. Typically they are enjoying their 'naughty forties' and may be dating several men.

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