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MEET three of Britain's mature escorts, older women who choose to sell sex completely legally, and satisfying the sizeable number of men eager to experience the thrill of a blue rinse.That's the offer in My Granny The Escort (C4, Thu, 10pm), a frank and revealing insight into the sex for sale business featuring the older lady. Vera Lynn, it should be pointed out, is not involved.As well as …

New York, May 23 : Know why most of men just rush for sex and ignore the vital art of whole-body lovemaking? Because most men are 'preheated' while most women warm up to sex slowly, a report reveals.

Newcomer Patralekhaa, who is making her debut with Mahesh Bhatt's home production 'CityLights', has no inhibitions about doing intimate or erotic scenes.

STOCKTON – A man opened fire on three women early Saturday after the women refused to have sex with him and his friends, authorities said.

Belle Knox has written an open letter in response to the death of 19-year-old Alyssa Funke, who took her life after she was outed as a porn actress. Funke, who was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, shot herself on April 16 after being cyberbullied by her former high school classmates. The students outed her as the star of a porn video, and her parents say they believe the …

As you doubtless know, a young man killed 7 people at least in part because he felt he deserved sex with women and was frustrated by rejection.