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Avid porn watchers show less volume and activity in specific regions of the brain, new research shows. Continue reading →

Tuesday morning, I logged into a chat room full of refugees of the since shuttered PUAHate forum once frequented by University of California-Santa Barbara shooter Elliott Rodger. And I stayed there, silently watching them, for 8 hours. Here's what I learned. Read more…

COLDWATER — At first glance, the home of Korean War veteran Charles Martin appears to be an abandoned house.

Staff Sergeant Angel Sanchez appeared at a pre-trial hearing at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri on Wednesday after being charged with sexually assaulting four women and assaulting eight others since 2011. The allegations are horrifying — in one instance, military prosecutors say he "grabbed a female soldier by her hair and forced her to perform oral sex in a women's bathroom in the barracks at …

Women with low-pitched, "croaky" sounding voices are perceived as less competent and trustworthy, according to research

NEW YORK (AP) — A Mexican immigrant who was a driver for a prostitution ring that forced young women to have sex with up to 20 customers a day in the New York City area was sentenced on Thursday to four years in prison.

The creators of an app that draws maps of sexual harassment in Bangladesh hope it will make women feel safer and improve their political engagement

College women with high social status actually use these terms to their advantage at times, to justify their own sexual behavior as “classy,” in contrast to the low-status women they label negatively, says a new study in Social Psychology Quarterly. Ms. Englander is currently analyzing responses from 423 18-year-olds who were asked about “slut-shaming.” Just over a quarter of the students (a …

A pornography website recruited teenage girls at a festival in Seattle.

NEW YORK – Farrah Abraham has gone from reality star to sex tape star to her latest career: author of erotic novels. But the former ‘Teen Mom’ – now 22 – said she is not looking to other writers for inspiration. Not even trailblazing porn-star-turned-best-selling-author Jenna Jameson.