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Supporter Yang Chingja, second left, hands to a government official part of hundreds of pages of documents that experts say contain proof of coercion in the military-led “comfort women” sex slavery system during World War II, as former South Korean victims, Kim Bok-dong, 88, bottom left, and Lee Yong-soo, 85, center on wheelchair, and Indonesian victim Mince, 86, far back center wearing a white …

Many porn studies and analyses have been performed and found that, despite what people may or may not own up to doing when asked, a lot of people watch porn. In 2013, PornHub found […]

( Ohio State University ) An expectant mother who chooses to find out her child's sex before birth may be giving subtle clues about her views on proper gender roles, new research suggests.

TOKYO (AP) — Five former victims of Japan's wartime sex slavery and their supporters submitted hundreds of official documents to the government Monday, demanding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe face Japan's past atrocity and formally apologize.

Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Yaakob ( left ) emerged winner in the Foot in Mouth category in the Aiyoh… What Lah?! 2014 awards for comparing women to property when defending the assessment hike for properties in Kuala Lumpur last year. To Tengku Adnan's benefit, he did attempt to make amends by apologising but later went on to explain he did not mean women were property but …

Is it revenge porn if the victim takes the photos?

COLDWATER — At first glance, the home of Korean War veteran Charles Martin appears to be an abandoned house.

CHICAGO — Women who lose weight by exercising and eating better may reduce their risk of breast cancer more than women who lose the same amount of weight through diet alone, according to a new study of postmenopausal women. Both exercising and eating better are thought to reduce women's risk of breast cancer by decreasing body fat and levels of the sex hormones related to breast cancer …

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