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(BPT) – With the hectic schedules that many women adhere to, it’s not surprising that many feel stressed out or overwhelmed. The responsibilities of juggling a career, a family and obligations as a wife and mother can be nerve-wracking, and for many women sex is not on their mind. While this lack of desire may be the result of the day’s stresses, in a number of cases it may be the symptom of a …

It's known that many diagnostic centres in the city send pregnant women's blood during the 10-12th week of pregnancy abroad, via couriers, to detect chromosomal abnormalities.

By Allison Bond MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Women who take oral contraceptives desire different traits in an imaginary man than women not on the Pill, according to a small study in Italy. “It is important to reflect on these aspects from an evolutionary point of view, as changes in preference for indicators of genetic quality in a sexual partner are considered to be functional and adaptive …

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The humorously erotic works of John Altoon … a charming documentary about a boxing painter and his put-upon wife … art that is all about surveillance … and the the space-age drawings of Suzanne Wright. In my weekly Datebook, I'll publish a selection of worthwhile culture events for the…

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