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Court finds emailing pornography using work accounts should not lead to dismissal.

“Although dating patterns have changed over the years, gender-stereotypic behavior persists in the dating realm,” said lead author Gurit E. Birnbaum. Men, in contrast, are expected to take control of the dating environment,” said Birnbaum, of the School of Psychology at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel. Past studies have also found that for heterosexuals, having gender …

Earlier this month, President Warren G. Harding's erotic love letters to his mistress were revealed to the public, prompting SPIN to publish a quiz comparing the 29th commander-in-chief's best lines to the words of "Regulate" rapper Warren G…

Today may mark national orgasm day, but a survey claims the majority of women are still faking it in the bedroom. According to adult company Anne Summers, 58 per cent of women have faked orgasm at least once during their current relationship and of those a huge 93 per cent have done it more than that.

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On June 2, a man was surfing the web when he stumbled upon a video that made him call up his friend. It was a nude video of his friend’s 25-year-old sister who lived in Mumbai.

HERNANDO — Coming soon to a kitchen counter near you — a sack full of fresh, homegrown vegetables.

A judge has allowed an admitted child pornography collector to avoid prison time and potentially keep the conviction off his record in a move that surprised prosecutors.

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