Daily Archives: August 5, 2014

Ohio man, 90, gets 4 years in wife's 'mercy' killing Cops: Boy, 12, stabs boy, 9, at Mich. playground 3-year-old Colorado girl shot by 5-year-old boy

Google is far from the only tech giant scanning your messages for child porn, and this is only one of the technological techniques being used to try to eradicate the societal scourge that is kiddie porn.

As the film community battles to keep Hollywood close to home, another local industry – adult entertainment — is fleeing Los Angeles.

A sex offender who served prison time for threatening to rape two women and burn down their house is now charged with flashing a woman last month in West Seattle.

Government workers were paid for watching porn and surfing Facebook because they had 'nothing to do.' FT reports.

A new retrospective of David McDiarmid at the National Gallery of Victoria of tells of his myriad fascinations and a strong sense of purpose, writes Robert Nelson.

The woman who found 80 skeletons stashed in Ikea bags has penned a book about the find, her trip to viral fame, and why she never wanted to be famous.

While less debonair footballers labored in the hot Brazilian sun, I continued to leisurely traverse the globe on my never-ending erotic adventures, which I will now share to make you feel jealous.

Authorities say girls and young women are lured into forced prostitution at an alarming rate – and it's happening right here.

Vulvar pain and discomfort threatens the wellness, sexual satisfaction and emotional well being of at least 14 million women at some point in their lives and only one-third will seek treatment.