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The ladies love Chris Pratt, and why wouldn't they? His boyish charm, witty humor and that new six-pack are hard to resist. However, it wasn't really any of those things that…

Two Hungarian pimps have been jailed after it was discovered they were running brothels from a British university campus. Csaba Safian, 33, and Sandor Mohacsi, 35, were part of a sex trafficking gang who lured 53 women from a poor region of Hungary tot he UK and forced them to work as prostitutes. A court heard that the pair ran the brothels in the dorm at the University of Sussex's Falmer …

Spoiler alert: It's awkward, weird and kinda hilarious.

The two Taranaki women treated as sex slaves by a depraved and sadistic Allan Rosewarne over 20 years say they are now finally free of him.

German sex study showed heavy use of pornography could make some women "hypersexual" – a personality disorder that involves spending excessive time engaged in sexual fantasies

A Minneapolis financial planner is accused of defrauding dozens of investors in several states out of at least $10 million over many years and using that money to gamble and frequent erotic entertainment venues in Minnesota and Las Vegas.

Erica Jagger is the pen name of a 51-year-old divorcee living in Los Angeles. Her erotic exploration has taught her that a woman who owns her sexuality, regardless of age, is a force to be reckoned with. So she started a blog to ignite a conversation about the sexual power of boomer women. Please join in and visit www.asexywomanofacertainage.com. You can also follow her on Twitter @ohgoderica.

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Only 40 permits for adult productions were issued across the city and county of Los Angeles last year, a 90 per cent drop from 2012 when Measure B was passed requiring condom use.

As Hollywood battles to keep movie and TV shows from leaving the state, another local industry — adult entertainment — is fleeing Los Angeles.