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Ugandan singer Desire could face arrest over 'revenge porn' photos

The racy new billboard on the Sunset Strip raised both eyebrows and questions that restaurant owner John Wolfe wasn't comfortable answering.

Among people over 55, members of one gender are significantly more likely to be anxious about health-care costs, the effects of aging and other retirement issues.

Ben Hooper HORSCHING, Austria, Nov. 11 (UPI) — Austrian police announced an Internet porn star will go to court on charges stemming from two sexually explicit scenes she filmed in a village church.

When Japan’s Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of a physical therapist who claimed her employer had practiced “maternity harassment” by demoting her when she became pregnant, it was a victory for a female workforce that struggles for equal treatment.

London, Nov 11: Fears of spying engulfed United Kingdom (UK). Taking a measure to curb any kind of spying, a statement has been issued for British officials to stay alert. British officials have been asked not to be involved in any

Until our testosterone-fuelled social structures are addressed, the technology that offers us respite from the biological clock is wasted This week, Carl Djerassi, the inventor of the contraceptive pill, offered us his vision of a future of reproduction without sex . By 2050, he said, many young men and women will take a decision to be sterilised, having removed and frozen the seeds of their …

[The Star]Men in Kenya are on Tuesday to completely dissociate themselves from women, avoiding sex, not talking to them, fasting and praying, to mark International Men's Liberation Day, called by Maendeleo ya Wanaume chairman Nderitu Njoka.

Step aside Dapper Laughs , there's a new misogynistic "dating expert" in town – and this one recommends using violence to coerce women into having sex. Thousands of people have called on the Home Office to deny a visa to controversial US “pick-up artist” Julien Blanc, who has been accused of directly exploiting "vulnerable men who buy into rape culture" by handing out dubious, and arguably …

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