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The generation that came of age in the past decade is “the world’s greatest social experiment” in terms of what unlimited access to pornography can do to the young brain

GoPro cameras and aerial drones are taking pornographers places we may not want to go.

Woman arrested in child porn investigation                

A year ago, she was riding high and being touted for higher office. Now she's in a legal tangle that could cost her the office she holds.

Porn sights in the Arab world are having a field day with Lebanon cited as one of the highest hitting countries in the region, according to a recent study. But what are surfers getting for what most consider to be harmless voyeurism?

Lorde is open-minded when it comes to her circle of friends. In other words, the 18-year-old singer can be BFFs with Taylor Swift, but she's also not averse to some good-natured…

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Taken as a whole, the sex industry in the Czech Republic – from prostitution, strip clubs and sex shops to erotic magazines, films, and the internet – is big business, with a share of gross domestic product to rival many smaller sectors.

Mumbai, Nov 21 (IANS) Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri, who previously directed erotic thriller "Hate Story" says he has nothing to do with the film "Zid" and requested fans not to associate his name with it.

Under cover of darkness in the steamy jungles of the Seychelles thieves creep out to harvest the sizeable and valuable nuts of the famous coco de mer palm, and their activities are threatening its long-term survival.

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