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A retired gun dealer was found with illegal ammunition as well as animal and child porn when police raided his home. Edwin Lewzey was caught red handed looking at websites featuring so-called zoo porn and found with more than 2,000 child abuse images on his laptop.

PROPOSED “revenge porn” laws could make it illegal for jilted lovers to intentionally distribute an intimate image or video without their consent.

Ex-youth pastor in East Texas gets more than 20 years in prison for federal child porn charge

MEN or women who use the services of Warrnambool sex workers are being warned not to get caught with their pants down.

[Key Correspondents]A year on from the introduction of a new female condom in Ethiopia, Befekadu Beyene explores what impact it is having on the lives of young women, including sex workers.

Women who’ve had sex are better than men at deciphering casual sex lingo because of the greater risk uncommitted coitus poses to them, a new study says.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised. A Goodreads survey suggests that both men and women are strongly drawn to books by authors of their own sex.

These 'guys' girls' enjoy more romantic attention because their boyfriends and partners feel in competition with their male friends which pushes them to try harder in the bedroom, says a study.

'It’s kind of indoctrinated that casual sex is risky for women,' the study authors say. So women are more likely to pay close attention to what a relationship is

Dream Rooster Lucid Sex-Dream Stimulator lets you experience your deepest erotic fantasies in the privacy of your own dreams. [PR.com]

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