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Could climate change force women to trade sex for food? Rep. Barbara Lee, a California Democrat, seems to think so. Lee introduced a resolution in Congress this week warning that “food-insecure” women, i.e. those in unstable developing countries where the effects of climate change can lead to poverty, drought, and famine, are particularly at risk. Climate Change Could Force Women Into …

GEORGE Houston grabbed one of the women, pressed his body against her and tried to push her into a bedroom.

Watch Video | Listen to the Audio RELATED LINKS Silicon Valley lawsuit shines light on struggles for women in tech Silicon Valley Discriminates Against Women, Even If They’re Better Google’s diversity record shows women and minorities left behind JUDY WOODRUFF: Now to a verdict in a sex discrimination case in Silicon Valley that’s been widely watched. A jury of six men and six women found gender …

Cleveland Cavs star Iman Shumpert experienced the perks of having a hot R&B star girlfriend … when she brought him onstage for an erotic lap dance during a NYC concert … and we've got the video.   Shumpert was hanging out on the stage…

The release of Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Fifty Shades of Grey offered an intriguing insight into contemporary Anglo-Saxon attitudes to erotic cinema. Pre-release, there was lively speculation as to its presumed transgressive qualities.

MOLLIE Blake is used to working with figures. She made her name in the outwardly dry and clinical world of finance. She hasn't turned her back on them, it's just that nowadays they tend to be of a different kind – unclothed, and found in a startling array of positions. Mollie is presently unleashing her imagination on her third work of erotic fiction, the first, Keeping You, having told of a …

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