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MADISON Ashton has described what it’s like to be a mother-of-two and a well-known escort and porn star.

As public health concerns mount, the porn industry has been under assault by a variety of opponents in recent years.

The husband of selfie-loving Karen Danczuk was spotted favouriting hard-core porn on Twitter – but blamed it on a fault with his iPhone after using an unofficial charger.

WITH revenge porn set to be made a criminal offence south of the border one victim tells of her hell at the hands of a jilted boyfriend.

“Mr. Show,” which had its premiere in March last year, is a performance for women aged 19 or older. It attracted more than 100,000 viewers because muscular men entertain female audiences with sexy dances. Audiences are willing to pay for the erotic performance because they like it.

Porn mogul and DJ Chi Chi LaRue can now lay claim to a new achievement in her varied career: appearing on a top 10 album on a Billboard chart. The…

As public health concerns mount, the porn industry may decamp California, and embark into the arms of a new suitor to its west: Las Vegas.

Amid mounting public health concerns, porn may decamp California and find a new home in Sin City.

Bengaluru, Mar 29 (DHNS): Batting for 100 per cent literacy among women, chief minister Siddaramaiah on Saturday said it was imperative to address the skewed sex ratio in the State.

Sex. Everyone is doing it, right? Middle-aged mums are going to tantra workshops, infidelity websites are booming and perfectly polite couples are trying a little light bondage. But while some women are busy pushing sexual boundaries, others are taking the increasingly radical decision to be celibate or are having celibacy forced upon them.

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