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[What'sUpHIV]Cape Town -Wednesday was the day we were finally going to be seen and heard: the day that young women from Burundi, South Africa Uganda and Kenya were going to make it all about us.

Female Alzheimer?s researchers form group to promote diversity in field, sex-specific research in lab.

Liberal Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette is determined to speed up the glacial pace at which women are cracking the ranks of corporate boards of directors. She spoke to CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition about her initiative to achieve gender parity on corporate boards.

The idea of women having sex outside of marriage drives some people crazy, to the point that in certain parts of the world women are regularly murdered as a result of accusations of promiscuity. What accounts for this profound discomfort, and the (usually) more restrained version we see in the … More »

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And especially especially do not watch porn at work if you work for a politically sensitive agency like the EPA. An unnamed "career EPA employee" was caught "actively viewing pornography on his government-issued computer" by an investigator for the department's Office of Inspector General. On Wednesday, Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigations Allan Williams gave testimony before …

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