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The girl, known only as Rhea*, decided to tell her harrowing story to highlight a new campaign by NSPCC's ChildLine to fight over exposure to porn in teenagers.

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Cops arrested a rapper Thursday morning for allegedly beating up a porn star outside a Meatpacking District nightclub in New York City early Tuesday.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Adult women who survived cancer as a child report having less sex, less interest, less desire and less satisfaction than their sisters who never had cancer, according to a new study.

NORFOLK He lured women to sex parties with the promise of money and talked a few into making child pornography using the alias Mike Pyro. Who was he? A federal jury says it was Robert H. Scott Jr., 27, of Virginia Beach. And thanks to the jurors, he's facing the possibility of life in prison.

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Bitter ex-boyfriends or girlfriends are posting explicit pictures of their former lover on line and the law does nothing to protect victims.  Louisiana does not have a law that bans revenge porn.

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