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Police received 110 reports related to so-called “revenge porn” — posting sexually explicit images of former lovers online — in the first month since a law prohibiting the act took effect in late November, a survey showed Thursday.

DEAR ABBY: I've been married more than 20 years and have three children. What I haven't had is a real desire for sex — nor have I ever had, as far as I know, an orgasm. Before my wedding, my mother warned me that sex was overblown, uncomfortable and messy, but she said I had to put up with it if I wanted kids and a good marriage.Movies, TV shows and ED ads all suggest that "normal" women are …

Some Palm Beach County women, deeply moved by the plight of teenagers forced to have sex for money, have organized a speakers' bureau devoted to eliminating sex-trafficking in South Florida.

Comment: Julien Blanc seems determined to exact revenge on as many women as possible with manipulative sex. They're not the only targets.

When Japan’s Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of a physical therapist who claimed her employer had practiced “maternity harassment” by demoting her when she became pregnant, it was a victory for a female workforce that struggles for equal treatment.

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