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Tucking tickets into porn mags is one way to protest a theater tax

The media has been quick to describe as "prostitutes" the two dead women found in the Hong Kong apartment of British banker Rurik Jutting. The truth isn't that simple, and one victim may not have been a sex worker at all

A collection of erotic lesbian scenes from the critically acclaimed movie "Blue is the Warmest Color" has been banned in Russia, reigniting fears that the country is edging toward cultural censorship.

Police were investigating whether two convicted sex offenders charged Monday with the killing of four women in Orange County – including one whose nude body was discovered at a trash center in Anaheim in March – may have had additional …

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One year after same-sex marriage became legal in Washington, 62% of the marriages performed were between two women.

Oh, double standards. Men have sex: no big deal. Women have sex: they get scorned, shunned, exiled, or willingly run over by a train. Women in literature have been getting punished for their lustful ways practically since the dawn of time (see: Adam and Eve).

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