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Former NFL star Darren Sharper admitted on Tuesday to attempted sexual assault of two women in Las Vegas as part of a three-part plea bargain that prosecutors in Nevada, Arizona and California said would keep him in prison for at least nine years. Sharper, 39, entered no contest or guilty pleas to separate sex-crimes cases in Los Angeles and suburban Phoenix on Monday, and has a fourth deal …

New research suggests sex is more physically satisfying for a women when she is in love and in a committed relationship. In the study, Pennsylvania State researchers performed a series of in-depth interviews on 95 heterosexual women between the ages of 20 and 68 from a range of backgrounds. They found that love was necessary […]

As you doubtless know, a young man killed 7 people at least in part because he felt he deserved sex with women and was frustrated by rejection.

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London, January 25 : A self-shot porn film which was shot at the University of the West England in broad daylight, has been viewed 41,000 times on a sex website.

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