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Naomi Wilzig, the founder of the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach, has died at 80. Let’s just say she was not your typical Jewish grandmother, as Nancy Kalikow Maxwell recounts. Click here for the rest of the article…

Officers were called in to examine erotic study of two men wrestling at artist’s first solo show at the ICA 60 years ago A hunt has begun to uncover the truth about painter Francis Bacon’s controversial first solo show at a public gallery, put on in London in 1955. It is a search for missing information that is already casting new light on the career of Britain’s most influential modern artist …

Three weeks ago, Laurin Crosson got word that yet another "client" had slit the throat of yet another sex-trafficked woman. Crosson – who spent two decades in that dark, violent world – has seen the scenario painfully play out over and over. The No. …

Two Connecticut educators who produced sexually provocative and violent films have been placed on administrative leave pending investigations by their respective school districts.

Lynchburg, VA- Joel Hesch, founder of Proven Men Ministry, based in Lynchburg didn't believe the statistics on pornography use. So, he commissioned his own study and what he found-surprised even him.

Witnesses have described seeing terrified women from the Yazidi sect throw themselves "to their deaths" from the Sinjar mountains to avoid being raped and sold into sex slavery by Islamic State (IS) militants. Tens of thousands of Yazidi people have been trapped in the mountains in northern Iraq for as long as 10 days without food or water, since Islamic State militants took over the region last …

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When a Duke freshman revealed herself to be a porn star last week, her story's sensationalism was somehow familiar: College student plus sex equals another occasion for overnight internet notoriety, with some old-fashioned slut-shaming in the comments section. But what makes the Duke Freshman Porn Star unique, as far as collegiate … More »        

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