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John Tory said he was proud of Chloe, a movie about infidelity, sex and desire, because it was the first he could remember that 'showed Toronto as Toronto'

Allied soldiers liberating France during World War II raped French women after pushing back the Germans, an outspoken Japanese politician has claimed, as Tokyo comes under pressure over its wartime system of sex slavery. Toru Hashimoto, the mayor of Japan's second city Osaka who was once seen as a future prime minister, argued in a weekend speech that Japan must admit its own historical …

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A group of women in Ukraine are wielding power by hitting war-mongering men where it hurts – with a sex strike. Men from Russia could soon be cursing president Vladimir Putin after females in Ukraine hit back against his annexing of Crimea by unveiling the slogan: "don't give it to a Russian". Supporters of the ban can even buy merchandise emblazoned calling on women to adopt this ancient …

It may not be true that men are better than women in maths, but people of both sexes tend to endorse the stereotype, a new study says. The research published in the PNAS journal observed that employers, both men and women, were biased towards hiring men for jobs requiring mathematical skills, even when test results showed an equally good performance by both the sexes. The volunteers for the …

We daintily gasped and clutched our pearls this morning when we learned a third of the videos submitted to an amateur porn site are created in America's Bible Belt. As we learned this morning through an email, amateur porn company Homegrown Video measured the demographics of people who submitted videos to their studio between July and December of 2013.

Google has banned porn apps, along with a long list of other morally unacceptable things, from Chromecast.

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