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As part of the initiative dubbed "Cleaning the Web 2014," authorities and tech companies are hiring "sexual content appraisers" to evaluate erotic content — they have been flooded with tens of thousands of applications. read more

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Women are responsible for 83 per cent of all purchases, 60 per cent of new cars and 55 per cent of home computers: how did the fairer sex become the richer sex?

California's law is welcome but flawed: until violating our privacy by posting online is truly criminalised, perps will go unpunished A lot of people know my story . Nobody has to ask me how I got where I am, because my business is posted all over the internet. My ex-boyfriend was the first one to put me out there , exposing me in my most intimate moments. He did it for control. He did it for …

That old chestnut loved by men and sitcoms alike about women not wanting sex because of headaches is a real issue says science. New research shows that there may be scientific evidence to prove that headaches really can affect our sex drive. Time between the sheets reduces stress & lowers blood pressure Other studies have found that frequent sex is associated with lower diastolic blood pressure.

Piece imagining an encounter between a buttoned-up man and a flirtatious flower scoops £5,000 prize, with Maggie Sawkins picking up Ted Hughes award for innovation in poetry

Someone looking for information on Amazon's new Fire TV on the Web might be in for a bit of a shock. The video streaming and gaming set-top box shares a name with a porn site.        

CAN roller derby save women and empower them? For Byron Bay roller derby player, Brianna Bowers (aka Raven de Range), the connection between her sport and the not for profit organisation Connecting Hands is clear.

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