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The father of a man accused of killing a Chinese student has told a court of his son's isolated childhood.

The racy new billboard on the Sunset Strip raised both eyebrows and questions that restaurant owner John Wolfe wasn't comfortable answering.

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TORONTO — If Men, Women & Children had stuck to what it does best — examining the deadening, dehumanizing impact of social media on our lives, and our sex lives in particular — it might have been a great film, the defining study of an inflection point between two generations: one that was forced to adapt to the internet, and one that is growing up on it. To assign a writer/director to that task …

Britain has collapsed in global rankings of the number of women in parliament, a pressure group said on Thursday, urging political parties to increase women candidates ahead of the 2015 election. Since 2001 Britain fell from 33rd to 65th place this year in world rankings, according to Counting Women In, which campaigns for the equal representation of women in government.

Reuters spoke to Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive about pay trends, negotiating tips and the quest for work-life balance. Edited excerpts follow.

For one Federal Communications Commission worker, his porn habit at work was easy to explain: Things were slow, he told investigators, so he perused it "out of boredom" — for up to eight hours each week. Lack of work has emerged time and again in federal investigations, and it's not …

The upcoming Bollywood erotic thriller HATE STORY 2 starring Jay Bhanushali, Surveen Chawla Sushant Singh is definitely worth a watch.

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