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While appreciating the recent outpouring of support from writers, poets, filmmakers and political thinkers, the National Network of Sex Workers India (NNSW), the oldest network of sex workers in India has wondered why women are not being made a part of the debate on the topic.

Veteran singer Chrissie Hynde says today's young singers are "porn stars trying to make records".

HERNANDO — Coming soon to a kitchen counter near you — a sack full of fresh, homegrown vegetables.

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Revenge porn was apparently a big enough problem in California to make a law. The state’s governor just signed a bill outlawing it, meaning possible jail time for spiteful exes who maliciously post naked and identifiable images of an ex online. Victims have described feeling powerless. (Via  CNN ,  KNTV ) VICTIM: “It's like you’re sitting at the bottom of a really long well and you’re screaming …

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