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NEW YORK — A man who trafficked women and girls for sex in New York City, Newburgh and Poughkeepsie was sentenced Wednesday in Manhattan federal court to life in prison.

You may think snapping food photos is innocent fun, especially while trying new dishes on vacation. But some chefs are starting to fight back, ruling no cameras at the dinner table.

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China on Tuesday executed a man who held six women as sex slaves in an underground prison and killed two of them, state news agency, Xinhua, reported. Xinhua said that Li Hao, 36, was convicted of murder and rape in Luoyang Intermediate People’s Court in the central province of Henan in 2012. It added that…  [Read More...]

IT has long been hailed as the cheat's way to exercise – while having fun. And now Canadian researchers claim to have discovered exactly how many calories the average person burns during sex.

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