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A California jury’s decision to sentence the operator of a pornographic website to 18 years in prison is being hailed as a victory for the women whose images were used without permission. Sixteen states are attempting to criminalize “revenge porn” websites that allow users to publish nude and sexually explicit pictures of women without their approval.

MORE than a third of North-East 11 to 17-year-olds think watching pornography is normal for young people, a survey has found.

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The former Duke University student who plunged into the porn industry watched with intense interest Wednesday when NBC's “Law Order: Special Victims Unit” aired a segment based loosely on her life.

The humorously erotic works of John Altoon … a charming documentary about a boxing painter and his put-upon wife … art that is all about surveillance … and the the space-age drawings of Suzanne Wright. In my weekly Datebook, I'll publish a selection of worthwhile culture events for the…

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In what can only be called a highly expected development, Amazon is being sued over the trademark for its "Fire TV" streaming set-top box by the company that made a "FyreTV" device years earlier.

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