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This is not about Jian Ghomeshi . It’s about the moment that has presented itself like a dawning. It’s a moment that can alter an age-old behaviour that has shamed, hurt and sidelined women. There’s nothing new about violence against women — nothing new about women being hurt by kinky sex, bad dates, weird relationships. What is new is what happened on a late October Sunday when the taboo around …

New York, Aug 19 (IANS): The truth between the sheets is out. Women in lesbian relationships and men are more likely to reach orgasm during sex than straight women, shows a fascinating study.

Ruth and Robert Parker wanted to open an antique shop with a difference. And they wanted somewhere to house their collection of furniture, clocks, jewellery, watches – and erotic art.

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The 81-year-old La Conner-based writer is releasing a new memoir. Here, the prose that has kept him writing.

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Law enforcement agents in New Jersey have redoubled efforts to fight what they worry could be one of the biggest menaces to come with next month's Super Bowl: sex trafficking.

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