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Google’s not the only one automatically scanning your communications for traces of child porn. A Pennsylvania man has been arrested after he attempted to send child porn via a email address. The arrest came after Microsoft tipped the National …

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Advocates for sex workers in B.C. are calling on the federal government to reconsider incoming prostitution laws after finding women in the trade in Vancouver are no safer under the proposed policing style.

Sexual coercion is becoming normalised, warns researcher, urging early intervention at schools to curb stereotypes One in 10 women in Britain admit they have been forced into having sex against their will, the most comprehensive survey of Britons' sexual behaviour for decade reveals today , prompting a warning from researchers that sexual coercion may have become "normalised". The findings from …

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School sex education still seems to leave a lot out – no wonder teenagers fill the void with online smut Channel 4's Campaign for Real Sex season has garnered much publicity this week, mainly because of the announcement that a new show, Sex Box – in which a couple have sex in a box and then emerge, glistening, to be interviewed about it by Mariella Frostrup – is intended to "reclaim sex from …

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