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Men today can see more hot ladies in an hour than their predecessors did in a lifetime. Technology may have changed, but the male brain hasn’t, so how does watching porn affect a man’s mind? In the above video, we're told the male brain sees each new porn star as a chance to pass on genes. The brain therefore releases dopamine into the system. Dopamine makes us feel good and is released as a …

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A Facebook user who claims the social network has failed to take action against a fake “revenge porn” Facebook page despite being notified about it, wants the company to pay $0.10 for every subscriber it has, or around $123 million in damages, The Wrap has learned. Meryem Ali filed a lawsuit against Facebook and her former friend, Adeel Shah Khan, who has apparently created the revenge porn …

Apparently, we're super-into watching Thirty Seconds To Mars' Jared Leto talk to Zedd on a banana-phone while holding oranges, and WE'RE NOT ASHAMED.

Volunteer firefighters in Naramata, B.C., are used to dousing flames, but this week the department had to put out a fire of a different kind.

During the past two years, I have been digging into the intimate relationships of 150 women, ages 20 through 90, for my new book, "Sex After … Women Share How Intimacy Changes as Life Changes." I take readers from the honeymoon hots through tepid midlife to some surprisingly steamy senior sex.

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HERNANDO — From a former 4-H Club leader turned grant writing guru to an outdoor preservationist and community leader, the dazzling lights of four outstanding community "stars" will shine at the 14th Crystal Ball.

PORN star Jenna Jameson was booted off a morning television show in New York after she began slurring her speech.

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