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Could climate change force women to trade sex for food? Rep. Barbara Lee, a California Democrat, seems to think so. Lee introduced a resolution in Congress this week warning that “food-insecure” women, i.e. those in unstable developing countries where the effects of climate change can lead to poverty, drought, and famine, are particularly at risk. Climate Change Could Force Women Into …

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Pennsylvania attorney general: 4 employees fired, 11 suspended over exchange of porn emails

A collection of erotic lesbian scenes from the critically acclaimed movie "Blue is the Warmest Color" has been banned in Russia, reigniting fears that the country is edging toward cultural censorship.

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An antipornography campaign in China has netted many young female writers of danmei, erotic fiction focusing on relationships between gay men, a popular outlet for those seeking to escape stifling social identities, scholars say.

New York, April 28 (IANS) Are you a regular gym-goer or hit the jogging track daily? Keep it up as women who frequently exercise become aroused more quickly and are able to orgasm faster and more intensely, a fascinating research reveals.

Touko Laaksonen, whose illustrations under the name Tom of Finland focused on homoerotic and sadomasochistic themes, will be honored with a Finnish stamp.

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