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In today's Friday Files, we have everything from goofy politics to a breast-shaped building. But first, something serious.

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Erotic film based on the novel by the same name now officially has the most watched movie trailer of 2014

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London, May 3 (IANS) Does watching a porn film give you complex? "The sight of the over-sized male organs in porn films can increase anxiety among young men," said the survey done by Ifop, a French institute of public opinion. The survey also revealed that almost half of French couples tried to recreate scenes they had watched in porn films.

In this exclusive extract from The New Naked, the sexual health specialist explains how porn can lead to an unsatisfying love life and even male erection problems.

Belle Knox, the now infamous Duke porn star who says she is paying her way through the prestigious, private North Carolina university by performing in porn videos — an experience that she has called “empowering” and “freeing” — is apparently moving up in the world, sort of. She just landed a job as host of

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