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Several erotic massage centres are upping the ante by replacing massage oil with cheese, reported Kosmo! The cheese massage or "urutan keju" is among the new kinky offerings by several massage centres in the Klang Valley. A visit by the paper's probe team to Serdang revealed that scantily-dressed women from Vietnam and Thailand were being used to attract customers. The cheese massage is …

Korean drama fans may be used to getting more than an eyeful of the toned abs of heart-throb Song Seung Heon in the many shirtless scenes in his dramas. But, compared with his upcoming movie Obsessed, they ain't seen nothing yet – the 37-year-old star of shows such as Autumn In My Heart (2000) does the full monty. Yes, he is baring it all in steamy sex scenes in the erotic movie about a torrid …

One of Scotland's top female boxers accuses Boxing Scotland of sex discrimination and others complain about limited opportunities.

London, Jan 8 (ANI): A new survey has found that Monday is the most preferred day to watch porn for people residing in the UK, the US, Germany, France, Brazil and Mexico.

Let's be honest: porn industry groups fight mandatory condom use because they care about profits, not their employees One might think that when a person makes their living having sex with strangers, as porn industry performers do, using condoms would be a no-brainer. Yet despite the prevalence of STDs in the industry, the ill-conceived notion that condoms and porn don't mix seems to have trumped …

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