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Under cover of darkness in the steamy jungles of the Seychelles thieves creep out to harvest the sizeable and valuable nuts of the famous coco de mer palm, and their activities are threatening its long-term survival.

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Two women, a Filipino and an American, will legally marry each other this month before an American judge in Illinois. Or, should circumstances allow, before a willing Catholic priest licensed to officiate civil weddings.

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An Iranian conman posing as a business tycoon tricked 10 women to be his sex slaves with promises to make them super models, reports the Daily Mail. The 50-year-old, known as Shoja S. convinced the women to live with him for three years in his palace in Marbella and fathered seven children with them.

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RACINE — The erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” topped the Racine Public Library’s list of books checked out for 2013.

Jaipur, Jan 26 (IANS): What goes on inside bedrooms reflects the politics of a system, believes British author of Egyptian descent Shereen el Feki, who in her debut book has used sex as a lens to peep into the conservative lives of the Arabs and has correlated it with the stifled voices of women at various levels – from politics to economics – in the Arab world, especially Egypt.

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