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In a new publication, ISIS justifies its kidnapping of women as sex slaves citing Islamic theology, an interpretation that is rejected by the Muslim world at large as a perversion of Islam.

Aug. 20, 2014, 12:04 a.m. Women are just as capable of being ‘addicted’ to porn as men. It's official. A new German sex study has confirmed what I have long suspected and that heavy use of pornography could make some of us “hypersexual” – a personality disorder that involves spending excessive time engaged in sexual fantasies.

We realise that for some of you, the following news may be akin to Christmas being cancelled, but watching too much porn may be bad for your brain. A new study by German researchers revealed that men who overdose on porn not only have less grey matter but there is less activity going on. It's not clear, for example, whether watching porn leads to brain changes or whether people born with certain …

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HERNANDO — For the first time in its history, the Crystal Ball, the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi's main annual fund raiser, is sold out.

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If this hilarious parody cover is anything to go by, women's magazines have a long way to go. This mockup of the "average women's magazine cover," created in 2010 by writer and illustrator Brendan McGinley , resurfaced this week when TechnicallyRon tweeted it on Dec. 30. McGinley's parody cover features all-caps bold headlines like "Overanalyzing" and "The Shame & Guilt Issue," taking a not-so …

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