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Lorde is open-minded when it comes to her circle of friends. In other words, the 18-year-old singer can be BFFs with Taylor Swift, but she's also not averse to some good-natured…

Men today can see more hot ladies in an hour than their predecessors did in a lifetime. Technology may have changed, but the male brain hasn’t, so how does watching porn affect a man’s mind? In the above video, we're told the male brain sees each new porn star as a chance to pass on genes. The brain therefore releases dopamine into the system. Dopamine makes us feel good and is released as a …

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New research suggests middle-aged women who are sexually active are likely to carry on having sex for decades after, suggesting many women do not lose interest in sex as they get older        

Two California men – including the creator and operator of a so-called “revenge porn” website — were charged Thursday with computer crimes and ID theft stemming from an alleged conspiracy to hack into email accounts and steal nude photos that were later posted on the Internet site.

A MAN who kept six women as sex slaves in a dungeon for up to 21 months at a time has been executed, the authorities in China said.

Beginning Jan 29, sex workers from across the country will celebrate at a six-day festival here women who defied social barriers.

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London, October 30 (ANI): Jodie Marsh has revealed that she gets offers from women who are interested to have sex with her.

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