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Are women overcharged? France probes price of pink In this photo taken Monday, Nov. 10, 2014, Gaelle Couraud, an activist of the group Georgette Sand – named tongue-in-cheek after French author Georges Sand, who changed her name to hide her sex, poses in Paris.

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Miriam Weeks tried to keep her off-campus life as a porn star a secret, but once news broke, the backlash was almost more than she could take. Her campus critics took to the internet to vent, some even threatening her.

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Vulvar pain and discomfort threatens the wellness, sexual satisfaction and emotional well being of at least 14 million women at some point in their lives and only one-third will seek treatment.

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Revenge porn is becoming an epidemic amongst young people, with charities reporting that they are seeing a sharp rise in complaints, according to the BBC. The National Stalking Helpline, Women's Aid and the UK Safer Internet Centre told BBC's Newsbeat that more terrified victims are getting in touch after malicious ex-partners post sexual pictures and videos of them online after a break-up. Some …

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