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Women could soon be allowed to serve in combat roles in the British military it emerged today, after defence secretary Philip Hammond announced he had ordered an urgent review into the rules. At the moment women are banned from serving in military roles that are "primarily intended and designed with the purpose of requiring individuals on the ground to close with and kill the enemy". The defence …

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Ever wondered how to give great oral sex to the woman in your life? Fear not… there's an app for that. Simply download the ' Lick This ' app and start practising by tonguing your iPhone. Mmm… perhaps this isn't the app to pass the time while commuting. We'll stick to Angry Birds. There are currently three exercises on the app for budding cunnilinguists (yes, that is a word): – Up n' Down …

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The inventor of hardcore porn has died at the age of 77 in a hospice in Brooklyn, a friend has confirmed. Al Goldstein, a chronic masturbator and bed wetter, was the publisher of Screw magazine, the first hardcore porn title in the US. His attorney, Charles C DeStefano, said he had suffered from a long illness but had remained a colourful character until the end. I knew he was still Al Goldstein …

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