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Sex or a ticket was the choice one ex-trooper gave some women he stopped for alleged traffic violations or during arrests. According to the Columbia Dispatch, former Ohio trooper Bryan D. Lee acted suspiciously on a cruiser video when he was observed flirting with women he pulled over and then turning off his microphone. Lee Sex Or Else: Ex-Trooper Lee Admits Forcing Women Drivers To Choose is …

Only 40 permits for adult productions were issued across the city and county of Los Angeles last year, a 90 per cent drop from 2012 when Measure B was passed requiring condom use.

It’s sex, in a box, on TV, and it’s dividing Australian sex therapists.

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HERNANDO — From a former 4-H Club leader turned grant writing guru to an outdoor preservationist and community leader, the dazzling lights of four outstanding community "stars" will shine at the 14th Crystal Ball.

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