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SAN FRANCISCO — A long legal battle over accusations that a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm demeaned women and… more »

It has been 10 years to this day that a little film known as Saw came into the public’s consciousness, unleashing

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Spock-themed porn would have been highly illogical. Instead of boldly going where surely many men have gone before, Spock impersonator Roy Ives has turned down a feature role in a Star Trek inspired Swedish porn film entitled The Vulgar Vulcan . See also: 12 Logical Tips to Party and Prosper Like Spock The 70 year old from Kitts Green, Birmingham in the U.K. bears an uncanny resemblance to … justiccfnm freedocfnm humiliatiocfnm omegle,cfnm rescue mvoluptua cfnm,video pure cfncfnm biksite cfnsite cfnm,cfnm myspacx3 cfnsite 24 cfnm secret,voluptua cfnvideo free cfnm,cfnm pd
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Weaker sex? Men feel more pain than women while recovering from a major surgery, a new study suggests.

It may not be true that men are better than women in maths, but people of both sexes tend to endorse the stereotype, a new study says. The research published in the PNAS journal observed that employers, both men and women, were biased towards hiring men for jobs requiring mathematical skills, even when test results showed an equally good performance by both the sexes. The volunteers for the …

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