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In a move to protect women’s reproductive rights, the City of San Francisco passed a resolution condemning laws that seek to outlaw abortions based on selecting a baby’s sex. The measure rejects “any future attempts to pass a state sex-selective abortion ban” and “calls upon other cities, states and the federal government to likewise reject these discriminatory measures.” San Francisco …

A new, steamy trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey is more intense and seductive than the first sneak-peek that came out in July. The movie's second trailer premiered Thursday night during an episode of ABC's Scandal, tantalizing fans with an opening shot of a shirtless Christian Grey, dressing in front of a meticulously organized closet. Watch the Fifty Shades trailer here.

Combine the elements of competitive food eating, voyeurism and online porn and you turn the banal act of eating into marathon livestreamed video that has become a growing trend out of South Korea. Toss in a small-boned, attractive woman with a bottomless pit of a stomach and the appetite of a football quarterback and you get “meok-bang,” the latest online fad to hit the web in South Korea, in …

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