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College President: Women Claim Rape When Sex Doesn't Turn Out Their Way (Video) College President: Women Claim Rape When Sex Doesn't Turn Out Their Way (Video) Education Local Weird News Robert Jennings Has Been Optimized Lincoln University's president Robert Jennings raised eyebrows and controversy over his remarks about women, rape and sex during the school's annual All Women's Convocation …

This is not about Jian Ghomeshi . It’s about the moment that has presented itself like a dawning. It’s a moment that can alter an age-old behaviour that has shamed, hurt and sidelined women. There’s nothing new about violence against women — nothing new about women being hurt by kinky sex, bad dates, weird relationships. What is new is what happened on a late October Sunday when the taboo around …

A three-member panel will investigate sex bribe claims involving Sri Lanka's national women's cricket team.

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BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – The small syringes stored in brown bags at a local pharmacy have proved a boon to women across the country with cancer that has taken a toll on their sex lives. A new gel created by a Bismarck pharmacist aims to combat the vaginal …

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